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Initiative für ein Verhüllungsverbot «Burka-Initiative»

General information
Official title Volksinitiative «Ja zum Verhüllungsverbot»
Keyword «Burka-Initiative»
Voting day 07.03.2021
Vote Nº 638
Legal form Popular initiative
Policy area State organisation > Legal system > Fundamental rights
State organisation > Legal system > Criminal law
Culture, religion and media > Religion - churches
Description by Année Politique Suisse Link (in German / French)
Text subject to vote PDF (in German)
Official Chronology Link (in German)
Initiators "Egerkinger Komitee" mit Mitgliedern der SVP, der EDU und der FDP
Preliminary examination PDF (in German)
Signatures 105,553
Success PDF
Pre-parliamentary phase
Federal Council dispatch PDF (in German)
Position of the Federal Council Reject
Parliamentary phase
Item Nº 19.023
Parliamentary debate Link (in German / French)
Parliament's position Reject
Position of the National Council Reject (77 Yes, 113 No)
Position of the Council of States Reject (7 Yes, 36 No)
Public campaign
Explanatory brochure PDF (in German)
Recommendations by parties
Electoral share of 'yes' camp ? (Details)